Congratulations! Zhao Quanbo Won the Second Prize and Reached the Best Result in the Practical and Observational Rounds of APAO 2017
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        Zhao Quanbo, a Senior Three student from Chang Xu Class of our school, on behalf of China, joined the China’s national team for attending the XIII Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad (APAO 2017) which was held in Novosibirisk of Oblast Nowosibirsk, Russia from 22nd to 29th November, 2017 and won the second prize and reached the best result in the practical and observational rounds.
        As one of the three international astronomy olympiads, the Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad (APAO) founded in 2005 has been held for 13 consecutive terms. There are three rounds involved in the whole competition, including the theoretical, observational and practical exams, aiming at examining the students’ comprehensive qualities in the theoretical knowledge and practical application of astronomy.
        Zhao Quanbo, who performed very well in the Chinese National Astronomy Olympiad held in May of this year, successfully entered the national team and finally was selected into the national team to participate the APAO because of the outstanding performance in the national team training in July. In the theoretical, observational and practical exams, Zhao achieved the first place in the observational and practical rounds and was awarded the Best Prizes in Observation and Practice. It is the third place in terms of the total points and the first place among the second prize. What’s more, it is the first time for the high school students in Gansu Province to achieve such good results in APAO.
        After the competition, Zhao, together with the Chinese national team, visited the local town hall, schools, museums and so on and talked friendly with the students from other countries. During the visit, Zhao Quanbo was interviewed by the local television in Novosibirisk on behalf of the national team.
         Let's applause for Zhao Quanbo, for the High School Attached to NWNU, for China. 


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