The High School Attached to Northwest Normal University was selected as the “three classrooms” Application Innovation case of the Alliance of National Educational Resources in Public Service
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     On April 11, 2022, National Center for Educational Technology (NCET) issued “the collection results’ notice of application case of ‘three classrooms” published by the Alliance of National Educational Resources in Public Service system. The 117 innovation cases were selected in China, including 6 provincial cases, 38 regional cases and 73 school cases. The case of “Practice and Exploration of High-quality School Construction Promoting Regional Balanced Development under the Concept of Wisdom Education” declared by our school was selected as a provincial innovation case.
     In recent years, in order to fully implement the spirit of “The Guidance of the Ministry of Education on Strengthening the Application of three classrooms (Teaching Science and Technology (2020) No.3), our school has taken active steps to carry out the projects on “specialized class targeted rural school or the schools short of teachers”, “famous teacher classroom” and “famous school online classroom”. Through making good use of the information demonstration project of “sharing high-quality education resources in big cities at the province level ”, our school to conduct the live courses for “two states and one city”, and actively promote the development of “Internet + Education”. We ought to expand the coverage of high-quality educational resources by improving and making use of information technology, effectively alleviate the realistic contradiction of the excessive gap in educational quality among regions, urban and rural areas, and inter-schools, benefit the broad masses of teachers and students as well as continue to expand the coverage of high-quality educational resources.
    The High School Attached Northwest Normal University aims at constructing the school into a higher level from the aspects of its educational quality. According to the development plan of “153 Digital High School”, the intelligent classroom was implemented in the students of the year 2023 and 2024. In accordance with a remarkable effect of education and teaching quality empowered by technology, the school ranked to a national demonstration school for the deep integration of information technology and education and teaching in line with the recommending list of the Ministry of Education. The online School of the High School Attached to Northwest Normal University ( was established in May 2021. Based on the advantages of high-quality teachers, resources and brand, the online school provided personalized solutions for cooperative schools through the “1+5+4” model, which continued to play the radiated role of high-quality educational resources to promote the balanced development of education.
     Our school will take this selection as an opportunity to continue to deepen the construction of practice and exploration of high-quality school to promote regional balanced development under the concept of intelligent education. We will develop new approaches to integrate high-quality resources, play an exemplary role so as to help to promote the process of high-quality education system empowered by the Internet, and promote the comprehensive and balanced development of regional education quality.

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