The Sixth Teaching Skills Contest for Young Teachers in High School Attached to Northwest Normal University (NWNU) Rounded off
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     In May, flowers bloomed and the young teachers of High School Attached to Northwest Normal University (NWNU)exerted themselves and competed each other.
       From 22th to 26th May, the Sixth Teaching Skills Contest for Young Teachers in High School Attached to NWNU was held in the psychological counseling room in sixth floor of teaching building. 18 competitors from various disciplines have participated in the contest and presented wonderful feasts of different disciplinary teaching with distinctive features.
      Those 18 young teachers prepared for and crafted teaching carefully. For the purpose of concept of new curriculum reform, they considered students as the body, fully mobilizing students’ enthusiasm for learning, and they also took all kinds of modern teaching devices, making their classes interesting and vivid.Some teachers glowing with enthusiasm and passion carefully designed a series of questions in teaching, which fitted the class together perfectly; some who were good at controlling the atmosphere of class with natural teaching manners and solid foundation, designed their classes from a novel perspective; some taught students with skill and patience, exuberant in sound with love; some set up contexts innovatively for enlightening students’ minds; some explored the class profoundly, gradually entering blissful circumstances; some quoted copiously from many sources, making witty remarks; some elaborately laid out drama, teach through lively activities; some others encouraged students presenting their talents and skills, and the effect was breathtaking…
      The contest, to be held once a year, is one of the series moves of “the project of cultivating young teachers in High School Attached to NWNU”. It aims to motivate teachers, particularly young teachers, to actively and initiatively carry out the careful study of education and teaching, employ new concept of curriculum, explore and take advantage of modern educational technology, delve into textbooks and methodologies as well as demonstrate educational wisdom and talents, pushing forward exchange and expansion of our teaching outcomes. The school leaders attached much importance on the contest and guided in person.With the great motivation from related departments of teaching and research, aborative and scientific arrangement, the contest ended successfully.
      During the contest time of one week, every young teacher fully demonstrated the growth and progress of “youth of High Scholl Attached to NWNU”. All teachers from our school visited the contest in their spare time and gave fully credit for competitors. Besides, over 50 teachers from No.1 Middle School of Jingtai County also attended the contest through the time.
         During the contest time, the experts of supervising commission of teaching together with 11 leaders of educational research groups hold the post of judge, visiting and supervising the contest. In accordance with relevant regulations of Encouragement Approaches of Teaching Skills Contest and Speaking Lesson Contest in High School Attached to NWNU, the awards will be chosen recently through the assessment and marks from 25 judges. By the time, the teachers who acquired awards will be rewarded. 

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