The 2020 Third Ceremony of Career Education Lecturer Employment was Held in the High School Attached to NWNU
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    On May 16th ,2020, the 2020 Third Ceremony of Career Education Lecturer Employment was held on the fourth floor of Jiaxian Library in the High School Attached to NWNU, which was presided over by Zhou Aizu, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and was attended by other leaders, including Jia Jinyuan, the Principal, Song Guangzhen, Principal Assistant and Director of Students’ Affairs Office, Lu Haifeng, Vice-director of Students’ Affairs Office and Director of Student Development Center and Wang Mingjiang, Vice-director of Student Development Center.

    The career education is a systematic project. The key point in career planning lies in how to make proper decisions in the proper time and the acquisition of decision-making abilities is closely related to the gathering and integration of interior and exterior information. In order to offer more information about different careers in a more real, clearer and more profound way, the high school has employed career education lecturers annually since March of 2018, inviting elites from all walks of life to enter the high school campus and offering students some career planning information in a comprehensive and professional way. The students’ awareness of career planning shall be stimulated so that a better foundation shall be laid for the future development of students.
    Zhou expressed warm welcome and sincere thanks to the 20 parents who have newly joined the lecturer group. At the same time, he also introduced the overall career education planning of the high school, stressing the significance and effectiveness of employing career education lecturers. The parents attending the ceremony have fully understood the overall situation and specific measures of implementing career education in the High School Attached to NWNU.
    Principal Jia presented letters of appointment for all parents present and took photos with them.
    In the discussion, Jia Jinyuan introduced the objectives and tasks of career education to all lecturers with a combination of school-running characteristics and talent training goals of the High School Attached to NWNU, putting forward his hope and requirements for every parent’s future lecturing. Parents present also expressed their own understandings of career education by combining with their own careers and proposed several valuable suggestions for their following preparation work and lecturing plans.



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