Application Work for Overseas Universities Has been Successfully Finished by the International Education Service Center of the High School Attached to NWNU
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        In recent days, students, who are going to graduate in June, 2015, from the International Division of our school have made applications for overseas universities and good news about the application results keep pouring in. Up to 16th, March, 316 overseas universities have been successfully applied by totally 87 students of our school with the help of the Guidance Team for Study Abroad, the International Education Service Center of the High School Attached to NWNU. (The application for overseas universities by the 2015 International Class will be ended in the mid-May.) The general enrollment information of outstanding overseas universities applied by the International Education Service Center is as follows (only some universities listed): one student for University of Chicago,one for Duke University, one for Northwestern University, five for University of California, San Diego, five for the University of California at Davis, one for the University of Miami, two for Penn State University Park, nine for University of Washington at Seattle, two for the University of Toronto, three for University of British Columbia and eight for University of Waterloo.
        The International Education Service Center of the High School Attached to NWNU consists of three divisions, including the planning division, editing division and business division, with an excellent and diversified group of Chinese and foreign teachers. It strives to provide personalized services for each student to help them develop their abilities and meet their studying needs at the maximum degree by encouraging students to learn and think independently so as to fully develop the students’ responsibility consciousness and self-management ability, promoting their over-all development.
        At first, the reporter interviewed the teacher named Zhao Wenbin, who is in charge of the planning division as to several issues about the students’ education planning. He said: “The road to success cannot be copied and the responsibility of the planning division is to provide suggestions for students about how to choose the courses and learning orientation according to the students’ own academic features and the overseas universities requirements. The teachers are able to make out a general planning schedule and a detailed implementation scheme, doing their best to choose the most suitable colleges or universities for the students to study abroad.” Due to his abundant working experience in guiding students to apply for studying abroad, Mr. Zhao is quite good at encouraging students based on understanding their psychology, analyzing their background and taking advantage of the beneficial application situations so as to provide much more and better opportunities for students to study abroad by taking the students’ interests, strengths and career planning into consideration.
        According to a detailed introduction given by Wang Wei, the head of the editing division, it can be learned that the main task of the editing division is to look up in advance and determine the document titles about studying abroad and then give them to the students to finish the writing while arranging some Chinese editing or writing advisers or teachers to provide guidance for students in writing on the basis of the students’ school choosing situations by the planning division. The guidance teachers will aid the students to find more information about their understandings and experiences by focusing on the center of the given title. Besides, the finished materials written by students themselves will be re-examined and revised over and over again by the responsible teachers until the final version has been obtained. When asked what should be taken into consideration if you want to have an excellent writing, Mr. Wang said: “Writing application materials means to explore a certain quality of a student in a much deeper way, which requires to consider comprehensively various factors related to the applicants’ quality, including academic performance, interests, advantages, personal experience and others. In short, a successful series of application materials requires the applicants to show their abilities and personality through elaborating a certain experience or a story.”
        Zhao Jianjun, head of the business division, mainly introduced how the business division guides students to prepare overseas universities application materials and the specific applying procedures on the Internet. In particular, he mentioned that the online application is of great importance during the whole applying process, which should be paid much more attention and taken seriously. The six teachers from the business division, who are qualified with rich experience, practical work style and good professional knowledge, try their best to provide best guidance and services for the students by continuously learning. The business division has completed nearly more than 2000 applications by accumulation for universities in various countries like America, Britain, Canada and Australia.
        At the same time, the reporter also interviewed Li Jie, Director of the International Education Service Center and Zhao Juan, Deputy Director of the International Education Service Center. “Advisory teachers of the International Education Service Center usually start to make contacts with students as soon as they first enter the school and gradually get familiar with them so that they have learned very well each student’s characteristic in personalities. They could explore the students’ potentials and provide them good suggestions point by point to complete the process of school choosing and application. The results are always satisfying.” said Li Jie. According to Zhao Juan, in the past three years, our guidance teachers have successfully helped more than 200 students to apply for their dreamy overseas universities with their professional, individual, precise and careful services. They will continue to do their best to help students making preparations before studying abroad in an over-all way, providing opportunities for each student who dreams of studying abroad after graduation from high schools. 

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