The Psychological Health and Education Lecture for Parents Was Held
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    In order to do a better job in the students’ psychological health education and care more about their psychological health conditions as well as enhance the joint education of family and school by raising the parents’ attention on their children’s psychological health education, the High School Attached to NWNU invited Zhang Xiang, a psychology teacher from Lanzhou No. 51 High School to give a lecture on a special topic of Knowing Children From Another Perspective for parents of the school students on July 3rd, 2020. The lecture was webcast and watched by parents of senior one and senior two students.
    In the lecture, Mr. Zhang guided parents to pay their attention to parent-children interaction modes and care more about their ways and perspectives of communicating with children by organizing some experience activities and applying several interesting materials. He stressed that parents should pay more attention to their children’s dynamic changes of their ideas, feelings and behavior in the communication process by adhering to the principle of “relationships are prior to education and educating them emotionally instead of reasoning with them”, trying to be good listeners with more understandings.
    The event is conducive to raising the parents’ awareness of psychological education and strengthen the effectiveness of family education, which can further improve the sound mechanism of psychological health education of the High School Attached to NWNU and effectively realize the joint education of family and school.

Student Development Center of the Student’s Affairs Department
July 4th ,2020

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