A Big Success of the Modern Drama Named Thunderstorm Performed by Chen Guang Drama Club in the High School Attached to NWNU
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      In order to practice the educational philosophy of “achieving remarkable development based on the idea that harmony fosters new things” and to show the students’ cultural accumulation and overall qualities of being elegant, romantic, idealized and transcendent in Beichen Experimental Class of Humanities, the night of June 26th, 2021 witnessed the formal performance of Thunderstorm played by Chen Guang Drama Club of the High School Attached to NWNU in the concert hall of Northwest Normal University.
      Before the performance, Zhou Aizu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the High School Attached to NWNU gave a passionate speech, introducing the history, development and ideas of Beichen Experimental Class of Humanities, and brought forward sincere hopes for the students of Beichen Class.
      Thunderstorm is the first modern drama created by the playwright called Cao Yu in his young age, which tells a tragic story of a bourgeois family deeply affected by feudalism in the context of a Chinese society around 1925. The two-hour performance vividly showed thirty-year development of love and hatred of the eight characters of the two families woven in the story. The students from Beichen Class, Grade One, were responsible for all the work, including directing, acting, stage design and other preparations. The play was a token of great efforts and wisdom from students, showing their love and passion for dramas.
      As is shown by the famous saying that genuine knowledge comes from practice, a drama performance is a good practice conducive to the overall development of each student. All the students made full use of their spare time and even time for extracurricular activities to practice and rehearse again and again for they clearly knew that one minute on stage takes ten years of practice. In order to ensure the success of the formal performance, they had given a successful preview of the play in the school’s terrace classroom.
      Effective management and organization, active involvement of each participate and close cooperation can guarantee the successful performance of a drama. All the work in the preparatory process can exercise an invisible, formative influence on enhancing students’ many abilities which are important but can’t be obtained in class. The overall qualities of students involved in the play shall be promoted. The performance of some classics is an experiencing process, which can help to internalize the essence of a drama, such as cultural elements, living experience and emotional expression, in the mind, making people think and be enlightened.
      Moreover, the drama performance embodied the humanistic quality and feelings of students from Beichen Class, presenting the Beichen culture of being positive, enthusiastic, competitive, elegant and poetic. It also showed the powerful cohesiveness of Beichen Class, the students’ abilities in leadership and organization and their overall humanistic qualities.
      The performance had the audience of more than 300, including the school’s Vice-principal Jing Xiaomin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Zhou Aizu, Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection Li Dongyuan, Fu Yu, class teacher of Beichen Class and director of grade one department, Li Shun and Wang Mingtao, deputy directors of grade one department, class teachers of all the grade one classes, some course teachers of Beichen Class, student representatives of each class as well as parents of students from Beichen Class.

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