Academician Zhang Jingzhong was invited to deliver a lecture at the High School Attached to Northwest Normal University
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      On July 23, 2021, Zhang Jingzhong, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, was invited by the High School Attached to Northwest Normal University to deliver a lecture of mathematics entitled “Talk about Point Geometry” for 2021 fresh students and all stuffs of Mathematics Teaching and Research Section.
      Mr. Zhang is the famous computer scientist, mathematician and math educator. Although he is 85 years old, he still devotes himself in the field of mathematics research especially the area of basic mathematics education. He is also the chief editor to compile the textbook of high school mathematics published by Hunan Education Publishing House that will be used in Gansu Province.
      Liu Guocai, Party Secretary of the High School Attached to Northwest Normal University, accompanied academician Zhang Jingzhong to visit the campus and briefly introduced the relevant situation of the school. Gou Xiaofeng, Vice Principal, presided over the lecture.
      Through the lecture, professor Zhang introduced some definitions and geometrical significance of point geometry, revealed the strong performance and inferential capability behind the simple definitions, and simplified a great number of complex geometrical problems. All participants have fully felt the charm of point geometry and the miracle of mathematics. In addition, he also introduced that the point geometry usually has a low starting point and a high point of view, which can not only link and unify the contents of Euclidean geometry, vectors, complex numbers and determinants in the field of mathematics to form a more effective geometric-algebraic system, but can even study physics and other problems in an interdisciplinary way, especially in the machine proof of geometric theorems showing a strong vitality.
      With the combination of professor Zhang’s mathematical thought and wisdom and love for mathematics education, this lecture has inspired the strong interests of all students and teachers, which can be shown from the active interaction after the lecture. It is also a rare opportunity for all of us in the High School Attached to Northwest Normal University to listen to the master’s teachings, feel his charm and learn from the master himself.

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