Online self-discipline and mutual assistance -- the High School Attached to Northwest Normal University held online class meetings during the epidemic of COVID-19
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      With the outbreak of COVID-19, people have to be isolated at home in the spring days of March. The Student Affairs Office of the High School Attached to Northwest Normal University arranged to hold online themed class meetings for students of grade one and grade two. The aim of the class meeting is to better guide the student’s study and life at home, pay attention to their mental and physical health, strengthen the online class governance, inspire the students to adapt to the online study pattern and improve the online study quality.
      Through the meetings, head teachers actively publicized the knowledge of epidemic prevention, summarized the recent class situation, and instructed students to take personal protection measures as well as preventing their families’ health. Meanwhile, teachers also told students should learn to think of others, be thankful and understand the hardships of their parents, so as to be a responsible and grateful youth of the new era.
      The meeting of class 13, grade two focused on the theme of “self-discipline and settled down to serious learning”. Chen Yan, the head teacher of this class put forward some new requirements to the problems existing in the aspects of recent online study, daily physical condition, pandemic information screening and so on. She also reminded students of the importance of self-discipline and independent study. Although the school had to suspend classes due to the COVID-19 recently, students must know that there is full of knowledge in our life, the epidemic is a vivid textbook that not only provides us crises but also the opportunity for us to think and learn. Fu Yu, the head teacher of class 21, grade two, held the class meeting based on the theme of “thanksgiving”. She wanted to teach students how to feel grateful to society, parents, teachers, friends and classmates as well as understand “thanksgiving represents the beginning of success”. Li Shun, the head teacher of class 24, grade two, mentioned that students should optimize self-management at home and notice the combination of learning and rest. They have to continually improve their learning efficiency and online study effects, in addition, students also have to adjust their psychological states and self-emotions in order to keep positive in their daily lives.
      The in-depth impacts of online theme class meetings promoted students to improve their ideological understanding and awareness of psychological adjustment. They have been clear that the change of learning place and pattern cannot shake their endeavor directions, aspiration and their impetus of growth.
      Building a warm and intelligent campus to escort the growth of students in The High School Attached to Northwest Normal University. The charm and meaning of the themed class meeting are a warm memory that will accompany students to grow up. After the epidemic, we will see the bright sunshine and identify ourselves in a better future!

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