Zhang Bo, the first person of China’s round-the-world flight and an alumnus of The High School Attached to Northwest Normal University was held in our school.
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      At noon on April 15, 2019, Zhang Bo, the alumni of The High School Attached to Northwest Normal University in 1983, the chief teacher of the International Talent Class, the first person of China's round-the-world flight and an alumnus of The High School Attached to Northwest Normal University, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA. , flew successfully to Lanzhou on the second round-the-world flight. Principal Jia Jinyuan, vice-principal Gou Xiaofeng met Zhongchuan at the airport in Lanzhou. During the intense roundabout, Dr. Zhang Bo made a special trip back to his Alma Mater to give a report to the students and teachers.

      Before the report, Principal Jia Jinyuan affectionately gave a warm welcome to Zhang Bo for his Alma Mater, hoping that the students of The High School Attached to Northwest Normal University can learn from Zhang Bo, and continuous upholding and carrying forward the excellent tradition of “hard-working and courageous”, pursuing excellence and striving to become an outstanding Chinese with the characteristics of the High School Attached to Northwest Normal University. Later, Principal Jia presented a memorial photo to Mr. Zhang Bo on behalf of the school. The report will be chaired by vice-principal Gou Xiaofeng.  
       Mr. Zhang Bo shared his unique experience on this round-the-world flight with the students and teachers on the scene. Every dangerous and interesting anecdote including Ice and snow, strong winds and cold, de-icing, oxygen, cloud shuttle, mechanical failure, emergency landing attracted and shook every audience on the scene. Actually, self-driving flight is dangerous and it is inseparable from Mr. Zhang Bo’s rich aviation knowledge, long-term persistent training and good flight skills. Mr. Zhang Bo encourages students from The High School Attached to Northwest Normal University to have confidence, desire, perseverance to do everything. Students had said that achieving their life goals from learning Mr. Zhang Bo whose spirit of not afraid of difficulties and adhere to hard work.

       From August to September in 2016, Zhang Bo piloted the TBM700 single-engine turboprop aircraft, completing the first round-the-world flight in 49 days, in which passing through 44 landing points of 23 countries, and was known as “the first person to fly around the world in China”. This year, Zhang Bo began his second round-the-world flight tour to promote the “2050 Conference” in Hangzhou on the future. On this flight, he piloted a twin-engine propeller piston small aircraft “Diamond DA42”, will pass through more than 20 countries, passing all the meridians on Earth, which is expected to take two months, nearly 50,000 kilometers. Compared with the first time, the plane is more affected by the weather through low, slow and near flying. The challenge is even more difficult and challenging, but he is confident for completing the round-the-world flight. He said that he was prepared and had confident and technology enough to make the mission. After the “2050 Conference” on April 28, Zhang Bo will continue to fly towards north, across the border to Russia, no man’s land in the Siberian, and fly back to the United States via Canada to complete the round-the-world flight.


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